6. Jukebox Promotions Charity Shows

The promotions side of our business is called “Jukebox Promotions”

At these shows we raise money for charity. visit www.jukeboxpromotions.co.uk

Some acts we have worked with…

THE CLIFF & ELVIS SHOW with Elvis 2000 & Cliff Asif.

307130_284106168266385_226408130702856_1297045_1592797460_n      312796_286052434738425_226408130702856_1304457_601120880_n      DSC_0015 (5)

Pitney & Orbison show – starring international tribute – Tony Lee

DSC_0050rs      DSC_0228ars     DSC_0229rs

Buddy & Elvis Show   Elvis 2000 & Buddy Holly Tribute, Ian Toombes


Engelbert Humperdink show – starring international tribute – Scott Dee

2012-07-26 11.35.59       DSC_0112

Tina & Dusty Show – starring International singer Patti Ross

DSC_0118 (2)       DSC_0029       DSC_0112 (3)

Broadway & Hollywood Show – starring Andy Jones & Fiona McLean

303495_420547107955623_226408130702856_1751475_46791783_n     255961_232075826802753_1764235_o     broadway3 061  377626_315227991820869_226408130702856_1419139_1983636359_n      548377_417776628232671_226408130702856_1743496_1577754553_n      DSC_0331rs

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