3. Fiona McLean

Fiona was born into a musical family. Her aunt was a professional singer when she was young and her dad was rated the number one jazz trumpeter in Scotland before the family moved south to England in 1962. She grew up surrounded by Big Band music and this had a big influence on what she likes to sing today. Fiona sang her first solo at school, age six. Between church and school, she was always singing, not that she ever wanted to stop! If Fiona wasn’t singing with bands, she was playing instruments such as trumpet, sax, flute, horn and tuba with them. Years of playing these instruments helped her develop a very powerful singing voice.

At the age of seventeen, Fiona left school and toured with a singing group. Then, at nineteen she moved to Cambridgeshire. It was there she met some friends and formed a group called “The Travellers”. At this time she moved away from Big Band and discovered other styles of singing including country.

The many faces of Fiona McLean…

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At the age of thirty, she went back to her roots with the Ambassador Big Band. She toured the UK for about six years in between bringing up her son, Benjamin, and daughter, Katrina. In 1993 her life took another turn when she met her now husband and best friend Peter Day. They appeared regularly together in clubs and hotels in the UK and continued to do so for many years until eventually, they             combined their acts, created a new style of show and called themselves at that time, Musical Tributes.

Fiona’s voice has developed into many
styles including a fantastic portrayal of 60s to 80s classics, rock & roll, Country and some very  interesting tribute sounds to singers such as Connie Francis, Dusty Springfield, Karen Carpenter an Doris Day.

Now, her powerful voice, true professionalism and fabulous personality are stunning  audiences throughout the UK and Europe.

Fiona - rock roll   DSC_0436

2 thoughts on “3. Fiona McLean

  1. Hi Fiona, hope to make your show in Quesada with my wife and hopefully a couple of friends. Peter Hammond Ben’s Sensei

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