1. Jukebox Legends

COVID 19 – Now working in line with government  regulation to keep all clients safe.

Peter has been vaccinated against Covid19.


Booking now up to Jan 2022


Please call 07506719791 or email info@jukeboxlegends.com to book 

Peter Day 

Working predominately at care homes and sheltered housing, day times, bringing professionalism to the elderly, and performing a different show every month. 



 For over six years Peter worked on the Costa Blanca as well as in the UK, bringing their great music and personality to many.


For two years running the act “Jukebox Legends” were runners up in Most Original Act category at the Coastrider Music Awards.

In 2012 Peter won “Best Tribute Act” for his Incredible “Elvis” Tribute. “The best Elvis sound around”.   He was also runner up in 2013

Elvis 2000 Video Clip

   Peter black shirt   

51 thoughts on “1. Jukebox Legends

  1. hi ,Your website is amazing like your voices..we look forvard to see you next year in Hacienda del Alamo in Spain..you are absolutely lovely…Big hug.

    • Hi Angelika,
      It was lovely to meet you and your lovely children and mum. Hope you have a safe delivery. Let us know when you have given birth.
      Hope all goes well.

      love Fiona and Peter

      • Hi again. Our son was born 2.11.2013.he born as a beautiful and strong boy.we are all happy with him..look forward to show you him…big hug!♥♡♥

      • Hi Angelika, so lovely to hear from you. So glad the baby arrived safely. Thank you so much for taking time to let me know.

        We will be back in Spain at the end of May. Hope we can catch up then.

        Love to everyone there. You have a lovely family.

        Keep well.

        Love fiona

  2. Wow!!! what a wonderful evening we had in La Marina on 5th Nov. The acts were great and we thoroughly enjoyed the evening!! Carol and John x

  3. Dear friends ,
    Thank you for all your good wishes to us , Also we like to wish you all tbest for this year for you and your whole family ,in the best health ,this wishes are from nia and henry…all the best

    • Hi Henry and Nia,

      So happy to hear from you. Hope you are well. Have you had the operation yet?
      We are coming to Spain for a holiday in March.

      Take care and keep well.

      Love fiona and peter

  4. You are always guaranteed a fabulous night out if you go to see Jukebox Legends. Peter and Fiona are always professional and are lovely people. x

  5. I love the show in Huntingdon on Saturday me and a friend injodit just like the king was their??? And cliff was OK to? All the best from Kim 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  6. It not loing now before the big 1 in Huntingdon I got my tiklts now and 3of my friends are going with me hope you have a good an B Monday see you soon Kim a big fan 🎸🎤🎶🎉👏👏👏

  7. Hi Fiona and Peter
    We had a great night at the Fu last night Cliff Asif was really great as well hope you have a good trip back to UK after the tour really hope to see you perform again keep up the good work it brings people good fun
    Helen and Alan

  8. Dear Fiona and Peter,
    I meant to do this days ago, but didn’t get round to it, sorry, (that’s being ninety!!.)
    I Just want to tell you how much I, and all of us here at Hedda Drive enjoyed your wonderful performance last Wed. evening, thank you both so much.
    Your voices are incredible, the best I have heard for years, in fact, since Susan Boyle, and your personalities are magnetic.
    My eldest son Peter, (Davis) was married to a Fiona, his first wife, and yours is the only other combination of the two names I have ever heard.
    I do hope you will come again, we loved you,
    Best Wishes and love to you both.
    Ros Davis.

  9. Hello Peter & Fiona
    Thoroughly enjoyed your performance at Lansglade last evening – great to listen to songs of the past – especially Elvis and Neil Diamond numbers. We have asked Sharon if she would book you again for next year.
    Kind regards
    Terry & Sue

  10. Hi Peter Hi Fiona

    Just wanted to say how lucky I feel I was when I answered your ‘ flyer ‘ one day to trial you here .

    You are both FANTASTIC

    You should be VERY proud of what you are doing in care homes to ‘ touch peoples lives’ – the shows are super

    Thanks SO much for coming and for a great show

    All the very best to you both

    And of course . . . A happy Christmas


  11. Hi there Fiona and Peter are you back out to Spain this year, if so any dates and places so we can look out for your great show, all the best Helen and Alan

  12. Hi Alan, I’m sorry but we aren’t there anymore. We are now working in the UK. We had to come back because of family issues.
    We are doing a few shows here, depending on where you are based, maybe we can catch up. Check out the gig list, or send us an email. We would love to see you. Thank you for getting in contact. Take care, Peter and Fiona

  13. From Vivian Constable

    Dear Peter & Fiona

    On behalf of Phil, Margaret, Peter and myself, I would like to say a huge THANK YOU for the wonderful show on Saturday. All three of you were on top form, and as usual provided a very professional and fun-filled evening which all the audience thoroughly enjoyed.

    I am thrilled to let you know that we raised a whopping


    We will be sending 800.06 to Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research and will give £200 to the Village Hall towards the cost of new disabled toilets.

    Good luck with your future shows, and we look forward to seeing you all again soon.

    Once again, very many thanks – you are all Stars 🙂


  14. Hi hope you And.And.all aer ok have a grate Easter dont eat tomeny eegs .im ok Huntingdon is wet as ujll cart wat for the show in Huntingdon bye for naw from kim peacock and frens

    • Hi Mary, Really nice to hear from you. I’m afraid we will only be in Spain for a holiday in June. We are still sorting family stuff out. In the meantime we are very busy here.
      Hope you are ok. Take care, Love Peter and Fiona

  15. Hiy its not loing naw befor Huntingdon hope to seeyou avang hope all going well withyou .I hade a aosdent and brak my tow so I carnt walk a much but im ok hope tohearfromyousoon kim peacock

  16. Hiy peter and wife Im ok naw .this weekend on saterday we had a grate day in Huntingdon park s fun day .and it will be my Birthday onTuesdays9-6-1500 havein a Elevs party at the weekend .it not loing naw to see in Huntingdon bye fromkim peacock

    • Hi Kim,
      Happy Birthday for the 9th. Where’s your party then? That’s great you are having an Elvis party. Are you dressing up?
      Peter is sending you an email about the show. So that you can get your tickets.
      Glad you are feeling better. Take care. Peter and Fiona

  17. We had a brilliant night last night celebrating Michael’s birthday. It may have been a small gathering but Elvis got us all up and dancing. Thanks to Peter and Fiona for a great evening. Thanks too to Betty and Michael for inviting us. I would certainly recommend Peter and Fiona for that special evening. Xx

  18. Looking forward to seeing you at the Weatherley Centre in Biggleswade on Saturday, 3rd October, to raise funds for the EU Referendum “NO” campaign.

  19. Just to let you naw I’m going to the big show in London to see sum of Elvis rill things on shows in the end of stem bergers shoot be good but not as good like your 1 s by for naw c kep in tuch with you all ok

  20. Hi Peter and Fiona
    Have you been able to plan any more gigs in Spain? We always plan our trips around your dates but we have missed you visiting last year
    Kind Regards
    Terry & Sheila

    • Hi Terry and Sheila,
      Unfortunately we have decided to stay in the UK now. We do some shows here. Where do you live?
      We miss Spain and all our friends very much.
      Take care

  21. Fiona
    We live in the North – Preston, and I think you seem to be around East Midlands?
    Spain seems to have thinned out with so many of the other good acts you had with your shows – Cliff, Gene Pitney etc
    We can just listen to Spectrum Radio on the internet when we are in the UK when we miss Spain
    Warners would do well to hire you as you can really get a crowd happy and singing along
    Thanks for the speedy reply
    Best Wishes
    Terry & Sheila

    • Hi Terry and Sheila,
      We are in Sandy, Bedfordshire. We sometimes do shows in Nottingham.
      We are doing a Country Show tomorrow night in Huntingdon. August 13th Cliff and Elvis – in Huntingdon.
      If you ever want to come down we might be able to help find you accommodation.
      Hope we can catch up soon.
      Take care

  22. I would like to thank you both for a wonderful time at Jake’s court today i t was the best show i have seen at Jake’s court.thank you fiona for sing my favourite song crazy you was brilliant.please let me know time,date month,in Huntingdon for your show as I will get a small mini bus to come and see you both.also hoping Jake’s court book you again soon.kind regards mac

    • Hello Mac,
      So glad you enjoyed the show. We are in Huntingdon for the Elvis and Engelbert Vegas Show in February.
      Please visit the gig page for more details.
      We are back at Jakes Court on the 27th April.
      Take care
      Have a great Christmas
      Peter and Fiona

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